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Incisive Medical Systems is a leading provider of software systems for specialist surgeons and physicians, as well as providing solutions for private surgical hospitals, community hospitals, and public hospitals in both Australia and New Zealand.

Specialist practices have been computerised with software provided by Incisive Medical Systems since 1986. The original DOS system was developed by a Plastic Surgeon, and rapidly gained recognition in New Zealand as the market leader in software for Specialist Private Practice (Specialist Practice Manager or SPM short).  With encouragement from specialists already using the software in their private practices, we were requested to develop packages for both Private Hospitals and Public Hospital Departments.

The 32 bit Windows version released in 1998 which was a complete re-write and restructure of the program, incorporating the accumulated experience and knowledge of the Incisive team and feedback from clients.

A dedicated, stable team produces, supports and maintains the software exclusively for the medical market, which now incorporates software for Private Hospitals, and Public Hospital Departments and Community Trust Hospitals.

Our aim is to build a relationship with you as your Technology Partner rather than just as a developer of software.  This is a long-term relationship that allows you to have realistic and functional advances to meet the changing needs of compliance and to assist with the profitability of your business.

We have a strong relationship with our clients to develop working solutions for problems they want solved,  new or changed requirements for compliance reporting, or capabilities to improve revenue streams.

Our whole business is built on support.  New clients are largely through referrals from existing clients.  This, in itself, powerfully demonstrates our long term commitment.

All support queries are answered by Incisive staff trained in the IT industry and with employment experience in specialist practices or surgical hospitals.  This large pool of combined experience coupled with the operating demands of a private practice or hospital make for a very strong working partnership.

To ensure that our software continues to operate effectively in your practice or hospital, and doesn’t become out of date, Incisive Medical Systems will enter into an agreement with you for support, on-going maintenance and future development of the software so that the asset you invest in serves you into the future
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